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FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

1) What is Stayfilm?

Stayfilm is an online automatic film producer, which transforms – in a few seconds – a mass of pictures and videos in a film with soundtrack and cinema quality, being consequently a social network for interaction and sharing of such contents. On a simple and dynamic way, anyone may produce theme films from an automate selection of social network and uploaded contents.

2) Do I have to pay for subscribing?

No. Stayfilm is a free website.

3) How can I contact Stayfilm team?

Contact us by filling out the form provided at “About Stayfilm”.

4) Whats the minimum age to subscribe to Stayfilm?

You must be at least 13 years old to subscribe to Stayfilm.

5) Can I have a joint account on Stayfilm or share it with someone else?

The access to Stayfilm is individually granted, which means joint accounts are not allowed, and besides, you can only create one account on Stayfilm per e-mail address.

6) Why have I received a Stayfilm e-email invitation from a filmate?

You have received that email because a Stayfilm user is inviting you to join us. Our website allows members to send invitation to their contacts by whether inserting the e-email addresses or uploading their contacts.

In case you are already a Stayfilm user, your friend may have sent the invitation to an e-mail address that isn´t currently linked to your account.

If you aren´t a member yet and want to subscribe, you may use that e-mail to get started on the subscription process.

7) How can I subscribe to Stayfilm?

Signing up for Stayfilm is very easy. Just click on SIGN UP button located on the main page.

You can use FACEBOOK CONNECT button to sign up for Stayfilm just inserting your full name, genre, birthday date, e-mail and password.

8) What is the difference between logging in and registering?

If you still haven´t got a Stayfilm account, you can register by following these steps: click on “Subscribe” on, then insert your name, day of birth, e-mail address and choose a password.

You can sign in to your account through the same webpage if you already have an account. Just click on "Log in” on the top part of the website and insert your e-mail address and password.

9) I've received an email informing that I created a new Stayfilm account, but I have never subscribed to it before.

Someone has probably tried to register a new account on Stayfilm by mistakenly using your e-mail address. The registering process is only finished when someone clicks on the link the email contains; therefore, just ignore it.

10) There is an error message informing an account linked to my e-mail address already exists.

You can register a single account on Stayfilm per e-mail address.

If you have already created an account on Stayfilm using that e-mail address, you can request a new password.

In case you share this e-mail address with someone who has already got an account on Stayfilm, you have to use another e-mail address to create your own account.

11) I have mistyped my e-mail when I registered. How can I change it?

You can change your e-mail address here if it is still linked to your Stayfilm account. Insert your new e-mail in the e-mail header and click on Confirm.

If you created an account with an e-mail address that is not yours and you still can't connect to Stayfilm, create another account with the correct e-mail address.

If you are still having problems with the incorrect e-mail, contact us.

12) My name was rejected during the registration process.

We require all members use their real full names so that you aware of whom you are contacting. Specific names are blocked in order to avoid that fake or misleading information may negatively affect the way you share your information with your filmates. We are very sorry if your name was rejected by mistake.

If you are still trying to sign in on your individual account:

  1. 1. Try again on
  2. 2. If you are still having problems, contact us.

13) I have received an e-mail informing I created a new password, but I haven´t done that.

If you have received an email that was not requested regarding Stayfilm password change, apparently someone has mistakenly inserted your e-mail or user name while trying to sign in. It´s likely to happen if you have got a common user name. No further actions will be taken and your account will still be safe, provided you don´t click on the e-mail link.

14) How can I shoot a film on Stayfilm?

You just have to follow 3 steps to shoot a film on Stayfilm:

  1. 1. Agree that social network sites either search your information or upload files straightly from your computer (videos and pictures);
  2. 2. Insert a title, key-words about the contents that you would like to see on your film and select a theme;
  3. 3. Choose the film style.

15) Can I download my film?

No. The film will be always available to be seen on your Stayfilm profile and you can share it on other social networking sites or through email.

16) How long does it take a film to be ready?

It depends on the duration of the chosen film. Currently it takes in the maximum 3 minutes, but we are working on reducing the film producing length.

17) Is it mandatory to insert key-words on shooting a film?

Though not mandatory, it´s suggest you do. The search by content is done based on the key-words you have inserted to proceed to searching on social networking sites. Therefore, the more key-words you have, the easier will be to Stayfilm to perform that search regarding to what is just essential to your film.

18) What is the difference between theme and style?

The theme refers to the contents you have provided: a trip you have taken, a wedding party, a cookout, a birthday party and others. The style however is related to the format of the film that will be produced. You can choose from a range of covers that you prefer, such as: horror, adventure, love, technology, etc.

19) I have tried to shoot a film many times and got the warning there is insufficient content. What should I do?

The reason is that the search tool needs “tips” from you in order to find the content. If the search tool warns there is “insufficient content” it is because the information provided isn´t enough to find it. In order to optimise that search, you need to insert key-words that identify the desired content of the film. Those key-words may be related to the titles of the albums, pictures/films or words on the file description. If you still can´t shoot the film, select more social networking sites and/or upload files directly from your computer.

20) Can I change the title, theme and style after the film is released?

No. The film configuration can´t be changed after its release.

21) Are there Stayfilm applications to Smartphones?

Unfortunately not. But it´s for a short time! We are already working on apps that soon will enable you to produce your films on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

22) Can I shoot a film on the Smartphone or tablet websites?

Yes! You can sign in on the site using the internet browser and shoot your film directly on web.

23) How can I remove a film?

You just have to click on the trash can icon in your films viewing section on your profile.

24) How can I select who is going to see my films?

You can configure your film settings accordingly:

  1. 1. Private – you are the only one who can view you are online;
  2. 2. Friends only – restricted to your Stayfilm filmates;
  3. 3. Public – anyone can view your films.

25) Is the film that I produced 100% private?

Yes. The standard film setting is Public, yet you can change this viewing option before releasing the film.

26) How can I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, contact us through your account e-mail to

The following will happen if you permanently exclude your account:

  1. You won’t be able to recover your account access again.
  2. Most of the associated personal information will be excluded from our database, like your name, if you had sent a message to someone.
  3. A copy of some material (pictures, films, etc.) may be kept in our servers for technical reasons, yet they will no longer be associated to any personal indexes and will become inaccessible to other Stayfilm users.

27) Can I log in on Stayfilm by using Facebook?

Yes. You can log in on Stayfilm using the Facebook Connect.

28) How can I edit my profile information?

In order to edit the information of your profile, you – being online on Stayfilm – have to click on your profile picture, then on settings. Once there, you can choose whether editing your “Access Data” (user name, e-mail and password) and Personal Data (name, gender, day of birth, relationship status).

29) How can I edit my profile picture?

You can edit your picture on two ways:

  1. 1. Log in on Stayfilm and, below your picture, click on "Edit Picture".
  2. 2. You can also edit directly on your profile, clicking on "Edit Picture".

30) I have forgotten my password. How can I recover it?

If you have forgotten your password, follow the following steps:

  1. 1. Click on “I forgot my password” on login page;
  2. 2. Fill in the form with your registered e-mail;
  3. 3. When you receive the email about its recovering, click on the link to redefine and choose a new password.

In case you can´t follow this guidance, click here to redefine your password.

31) Can invite friends to join Stayfilm?

Yes, you can send in the invitations by clicking on the button “Invite Friends” on the left side of your homepage after you log in. You will be redirected to an area where you have to choose whether you will invite your friends by connecting the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) or by email.

32) Can I block the access from a Stayfilm user?

Not yet, but we are working on that functionality.

33) What is the size/resolution/format of images and videos that will be accepted by Stayfilm?

Images: JPG and PNG up to 40 MB per file;
Videos: Whatever format up to 40 MB.

34) Is there an upload limit for videos and pictures per film?

Pictures: up to 100 files of 40 MB each, per produced video;
Videos: up to 100 files of 40 MB each, per produced video.

35) Why is the videos uploading and processing so time consuming?

It may be due to connection matters, for not being able to cope with the uploading or overload on our servers. In case this happens, wait a few minutes and try again. We are always trying to enhance this process, making it easier and faster.

36) Can I choose the pictures that will be in my film?

No. The Stayfilm system automatically chooses the contents from the key-words you insert. If you specially like a picture and wish it appeared, you just have to insert key-words that facilitate the search or upload the picture directly from your computer.

37) Why don´t the uploaded videos completely appear in my film?

The Stayfilm aim is shooting an interesting film in a creative concept, which doesn´t allow for a complete video. We won´t provide you a slide show of your pictures and videos, therefore the system chooses the more interesting frames from the videos to be part of your film.

38) How can I choose a film like one I saw?

It is not possible, because the system intelligence is random and selects a template that best fits in your contents. If you dislike the film we produced to you, please click on shoot a film once more and tell us what you didn´t like.

39) Can I download the soundtrack of my film and use it in other videos, websites and applications?

No. The license on the films soundtrack is obtained only to be exhibited by Stayfilm.

40) Have I got to use the template soundtrack to the uploaded videos or they can keep the original audio?

The original audio will be replaced by the soundtrack of the produced film, based on the concept of getting the results quality that surprises you

41) Can I send a track to be set as my film soundtrack?

No. For the time being, the used tracks will be only the ones licensed by Stayfilm. In the future, we will have a registering option for tracks from new artists that can be part of the Stayfilm templates, following the international copyright laws.

42) Can I send my film to YouTube or Vimeo?

No, the film can be only shared on social networking websites. There is no sending option to other video data processing platforms due to copyright matters, since the film uploading is mandatory.

43) Can I tag people on my films?

Not yet, but we are working on that functionality.

44) If I share a film on other social networking sites, will it be public?

When a film is shared outside Stayfilm, it has to accomplish the privacy rules of the other social networking sites and becomes public on Stayfilm too, since it´s already accessible outside Stayfilm.

45) When I send my film by e-mail, will it be restricted to whom I´ve sent the link?

No. If you are able to share it by other means, it´s because its viewing is public on Stayfilm.

46) Who can view my films? How can I shoot a private film?

You can set your film as:

  1. 1. Private – you are the only one that can see it being online;
  2. 2. Restricted to filmates – only your Stayfilm filmates can see it;
  3. 3. Public – anyone can see it.

If you want to shoot a private film, you just have to choose that option at the releasing moment.

47) Can I change the privacy settings to all my profile?

Basic data of your profile (name, gender, day of birth, relationship status) will be public to any users. On the other hand, the films can be individually set as private, restricted to filmates or public.

48) How can I report a copyright violation?

Regarding this type of report, you have access the Report area and fill in the form.

49) How can I report a film with improper content?

We will remove any items which violate the Terms of Use (child abuse, obscenity, hatred, threats, graphic violence, bullying and spam). If you see any film that potentially indicates of the above, click on Report in the film and fill in the form.

50) What happens when I report someone on Stayfilm? It the person notified?

Don´t worry. It is an anonymous denounce. When someone is denounced on Stayfilm, we will analyze the report and remover any contents which violate our Terms of Use. On identifying the responsible user, no information will be disclosed about you.

Reporting content on Stayfilm doesn´t ensure its removal. It´s possible you may find some contents on Stayfilm that you don’t agree with, yet they may not violate our Terms of Use.

51) What happens to my account when Stayfilm proceeds to an examination on a potential copyright violation done by myself?

When we receive a copyright violation report from third parties, claiming the contents on the website violates copyrighted contents, we may immediately have to remove or disable the access to those contents on Stayfilm without notifying you. We can´t judge the disputes between the parties.

It is our policy to disable the accounts with recurrent violation history. Certify that all the contents you have released or that you will produce don´t violate copyrighted contents. If your contents removal is an isolated incident, most of the times, no further actions will be required to you.

52) I am not sure if I hold the copyrights or if someone is violating the mine. Can you help clarify it?

We can´t provide legal advice. If you are not sure that you are officially authorized to release any contents, we suggest you to ask for legal advice from an attorney of law.

53) What if I want to upload a given content on Stayfilm but I am not sure if I may violate anyone´s copyrights?

If you aren´t sure that is legally authorized to use that content, don´t upload it on Stayfilm. If you have already done it, you must remove it. In case you don´t own the copyrights on the contents that you want to upload, releasing it without the permission of the owner may be a law violation.

54) Do I own the copyrights on contents that I filmed from TV, live concert or Sport event by using my camera or cell phone?

The fact you have filmed the contents doesn´t mean necessarily that you own the copyrights on them or that you are authorized to share. The ownership renunciation doesn´t protect you from being charged of copyrights violation. We suggest that you ask for legal advice before releasing contents, should you have any doubts regarding being legally authorized or not to do so.