Capable of delivering thousands of videos automatically, Stayfilm API has an innovative technology, which integrates data, images, videos, text, soundtrack, voiceover and visual effects, as well as other elements in a highly personalized way in seconds, all while attending to each client’s needs.
Automatic production that doesn’t limit your creativity and expands possibilities.
Our scaled video production is ideal for various content types, such as for your website, systems, social media, mobile and TV, and it is customized for each client with distinct messages. Keeping up with the needs in videos for marketplaces, product publicity, TV advertising or making the most from your CRM, with Stayfilm API you can boost your business, integrating personalized videos into your sales strategies and building stronger customer relationships.
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Videos with customized content.
Even more than you’d expect.
Imagine how hard it is for an editor to customize thousands of videos for a vehicle distribution network with different photos of available models, special prices for each, contact info for each city in the country and various logos. Our technology can do all of that and more in just seconds.
Marketplaces can also integrate our API and boost their catalog, publicity, sales, and customer engagement, using content that is personalized based on client profiles, product lines and sales campaigns to improve their conversion rates. Imagine a home decor and maintenance website. Using Stayfilm API’s technology it’s possible to integrate videos into ads directly on the platform, using data such as description, special offers, information on the professionals, client feedback, etc.
Stayfilm API helps businesses promote themselves using offer videos for e-commerce, assisting strategies for conversion into sales and engagement. Ads can be transformed into videos to introduce products, teach ways to use it, share flash sales, seasonal sales, exclusive coupons, gift cards, specific calls to action, and much more to increase the platform’s average sale and improve conversion rates. Let’s talk and see in which ways Stayfilm can help innovate your business.
Meet some of our clients and their projects using Stayfilm API
We created Stayfilm Ads in partnership with Google Play Store and Google Ads to automatically create videos and static ads to promote apps in Brazil, Latin America and the United States. We create professional quality content for Google Ads campaigns, app stores, social media and other platforms. Using our Stayfilm API technology, Stayfilm Ads is groundbreaking for the creation of videos for apps from their Google Play Store content. We integrate various elements to make videos more interesting, as well as apply all of Google Ads’ best practices to optimize ad performance. All of this happens in just a few steps, with no need for any video editing knowledge, and delivering a complete content package to promote apps and increase their visibility. Integrated with Google’s App Preferred Program, we follow their insights and global campaign trends to offer content in formats that favors app’s presentation and optimizes their online video campaigns.
Advertising your company on TV has never been so easy. Your company can appear on Globo’s transmission without worrying about the costs of an ad’s production and with all the technical requirements that a TV ad demands. TV Globo’s platform GloboSIM was created alongside Stayfilm API to answer the needs of small and medium companies, franchise chains and dealerships who want to advertise their business on the network and it’s partners. WIth Stayfilm API they can automatically create ads 10, 15 or 30 seconds long, choosing from various templates and thousands of combinations. All they need to do is follow the steps on Globo SIM’s website to personalize their video and receive it with exclusive professional voiceover for your ad. After picking your media plan and a few more simple steps to get their video ready, Stayfilm API finalizes the production process following all the technical requirements for TV ads to circulate.
Production of personalized videos as an exclusive tool for customer relations and sales to streamline and boost their reach. Santander offers videos for their partner stores to disclose special opportunities for financing, integrating important elements into their videos that help promote individual stores. These videos increase exposure for businesses and help them gain clients for their outreach channels. Streamlining production quality for a large number of partner stores, videos are complete with voiceover, visual effects, personalized information for each store, and ideal formats for social media and for direct messaging via WhatsApp and other systems.
Automatic creation of communication pieces for thousands of Natura consultants. Stayfilm API creates videos and creative pieces, with combined offers and other sales. This project features dozens of variables in the production process of every piece, from consultant’s names, dynamics sales and product names, to details such as gender, classification, and messages that make personalization into Natura’s communication team best ally.
Video production platform for Google Play Store apps to promote on Google Ads, stores, social media and other tools.
Automatic video production website for TV ads with exclusive professional voiceover for each ad.
Production of on demand videos with personalized information for each store.
Automatic creation of videos and creative assets to boost, humanize and better Natura’s communication with their consultants.
Advantages of using our technology.
Get automated high quality content at the pace your company needs.
Customized content for every video and static piece.
Dynamic information for videos produced on demand.
Easy to update information, data and images for videos.
Streamlined videos and static content in multiple formats according to the brand’s guides and values, communication language, effects, colos, images etc.
Low scale production costs that you can’t even find just for static pieces. The larger the production volume, the lower the investment per video.
Using Stayfilm API is easy and straightforward.
  • Standardized documentation that facilitates understanding and implementation, using programming’s main guidelines and answering to major languages.
  • Stayfilm is a Rest API, allowing our client to improve their platforms’ functionality without the need for third party’s code or SDK maintenance.
  • Servers are strategically structured on the cloud, allowing quick and efficient production at scale.
  • All of our API requests follow the most modern security protocols, as well as countless requisition controls.
  • Reports with the number of videos produced and more metrics to keep clients informed.
  • End to end encryption in the production process, allowing the use of sensitive and unique data while keeping our clients’ information safe and confidential.
What they say about us
Making videos for TV needs a high standard of technology and quality, and being able to offer videos like that on our own platform through the Stayfilm API it's a game-changer. It's a great business opportunity. Stayfilm has an extensive and complete services catalog that allows us to focus on our core business, high-quality media plans.
Thiago Garcia
Product and IT Manager at SBT
The API integration is very easy, it was designed to facilitate this process. When we need to produce a thousand videos it works well, with no crash or instability.
Glauco Maschio
Founder & Executive Director at Pixter
We work with complex integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in Brazil and in the United States, and we can say with certainty that the Stayfilm API is very easy to integrate and has brought multiple possibilities for our clients. By inserting video production in advertisements campaigns, we add even more relevance to user interactions.
Pietro Bujaldon
CBO & co-founder Smarters
The importance of video for companies communication is on the rise


of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.


of video marketers say video, in general, gives them a good return on their investment.


of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.


of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads.
Meet some of our Stayfilm solutions that you can use for your business, product, apps, or to create personal videos of your stories.
Our API can produce thousands of videos and creative assets, integrating data, images, text, soundtracks, voiceover, and effects in a highly personalized manner in a matter of seconds. With scaled production for various formats such as TV, websites, and social media, our custom videos for marketplaces, e-commerce, marketing, products and customer outreach can help generate more sales by increasing visits, leads and conversion rates.
In partnership with Google Play Store, STayfilm Ads is the most simple way to create videos and marketing campaigns to promote your app on Google Ads, stores, social media, and other platforms. Quick, easy, affordable and integrated with Google Play Store, your videos are ready for sharing in seconds. Stayfilm Ads is that simple.
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