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Rock in Rio: Film Publication Terms - Sponsored Theme

  • The user agrees that all the films published will have its content analyzed according to the prerequisites of this terms, as well as Stayfilm's Privacy Policy. If these terms conflicts with Stayfilm's Privacy Policy, it will be Stayfilm's terms that will remain.
  • By submitting materials and request the publication of the film User authorizes the use and disclosure of your image, voice and name and claims to have obtained this same authorization of all third parties that appear on the material sent to film production. The User declares to be 18 years and fully capable. If you are under this age, the User declares being properly represented or assisted by their parents or other legal representative, on delivery of commitments and declarations under these terms.
  • The User acknowledges and agrees that the end result of the video produced will be incorporated in the exclusive Rock in Rio content that is protected by intellectual property rights, and that, subject to the provisions of these terms, the User grants to Rock in Rio, solely for the purposes described here, limited, non-exclusive free license, temporary and without right to sublicense the use of exclusive content. Except for the User's rights hereunder shall not acquire any right, title or interest in any exclusive Rock in Rio content.
  • The user, also, acknowledges and agrees that when publishing the film that has been incorporated to the Rock in Rio heritage, this one owns all the copyrights of the content and it can use, edit, modify and have the images, without restriction, under brazilian and international territory, directly or indirectly, fully or partially, grant to others, in any media or physical environment, visually or audible, includying electronic, cable, optic fiber, satellite, waves or any other existing mode or that there will be, comprising, exemplarily, but not limited to the following activities: fixation, reproduction, disclosure, including its products, publishing, communication, offering to third parties via the Internet or private network computers, display, edit, reprint, broadcast, transmission, retransmission, marketing, distribution, circulation, performing versions and derivations, restore, review, update, adaptation, inclusion in audiovisual production, sound and visual broadcasting, synchronization, audio-visual display, film and analog process, inclusion in databases, computer storage, including to view on the Internet or private network computers, microfilm and other forms of gender storage, advertising campaigns, institutional, promotional, advertising, magazines, newspapers, television, media in general, including print, billboards, back-lights, front lights, paintings, textiles, trade shows, banners, carpets, annuals, handouts, blocks, flags, buttons, displays, envelopes, labels, ribbons, plaques , packaging, stamps, collections, photographs, slides, catalogs, posters, encyclopedias, cultural products, websites, CD-Rom, DVD, Blue-Ray, exhibitions, traveling or not, at any locations, conferences, lectures, national or international shows as well as other materials and products of any kind.
  • The user cannot post violent content, nude or partially, discriminatory, illegal, about hate, porngraphic or sexually suggestive, related to drugs (this is fully applied to medical products allowed only under prescription, tobacco or tobacco smoking related products and illegal drugs or other intoxicants) or alcohol and products and services related with alcohol, weapons, with religion meanings, dangerous products, abuse, games of chance (including lottery and bets or any content with bad words or that can affect negatively other people or unjustified mention to other people including public people, commercial and/or promotional content and use of inappropriate terms and words or that violates policy or brand image title of experiency and of Stayfilm).
  • In addition to the above restrictions, under no circumstances the Rock in Rio may be directly or indirectly associated with the following categories of content, theme or subject:
    • Public people or politicians;
    • Exploração de children;
    • Exploração de children;
    • Content targeting any kind of promotion or commercial operation directly or indirectly, or any exploitation or disclosure third parties trademarks;
    • Content that infringes the rights of others, including, without limitation, intellectual property rights;
    • Content that could be considered bullying, which constitutes slander, libel or defamation, that violates the privacy rights of third parties or which detract from their honor, dignity or decorum;
    • Dangerous goods, including fireworks, matches;
    • Violent sports or other potentially dangerous recreational activities;
    • Diet products / weight loss as diet pills, food substitutes, such as weight loss shakes, items or services listed products as miracle cures for weight issues;
    • Products or services related to death (e.g: funerals, etc);
    • Adult content;
    • Commercial services that offers individual counseling about personal or consuming issues;
    • Private investigation agencies or call girl agencies;
    • Hypnosis based procedures (including techniques common referred as hypnotherapy), psichiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy;
    • Financial products;
    • Another content that creates or can potentially create risks or unwanted exposure.
  • The User is the sole responsible for his/her conduct and for whatsoever data, text, images, information, name, graphics, pictures, profiles, audio and video clips, sound, musical work, masterpiece authorship, applications, links and other contents or material (collectively, “Content”) the User sends, posts or exhibits us or through the Service.
  • Violations to these Publishing Terms e may, according to exclusive Stayfilm criteria, result in the account cancelation. The User understands and agrees that Stayfilm and Rock in Rio shall not be responsible for the posted contents on the service and the fact the User uses the service on his/her own account. If the User violates these Terms of Use or creates risks or legal exposure to Rock in Rio or Stayfilm, we may discontinue supplying totally or partially the service to the User.